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Rock Climbing at a Family Fun Center is Accessible and Rewarding

Summary: Looking for a new fitness activity that you can share with friends and family of all ages? How about a way to break a sweat and have a good time doing it? Rock climbing walls are going up in family fun centers across the country, and provide an exhilarating exercise with many health benefits.

Rock Climbing is becoming one of the fastest growing fitness and sporting trends in the United States; but not the mountain side, death defying mountain climbing that most people think of. Family fun centers are seeing unprecedented lines of team building groups, adventuring birthday parties, and general fitness enthusiasts looking to test themselves at an indoor rock climbing wall. Indoor rock wall climbing is becoming a popular attraction for millions of Americans looking to test their strength and resolve in an adrenaline stimulating, yet physically safe environment.

But why are these attractions so popular? Why do these thrill seekers want to test themselves against the wall? And, are rock climbing walls only really available to the most physically fit patrons at a family fun center? The truth is that rock climbing, while being a superb strength and cardio exercise, is available at varying levels of difficulty and is a highly accessible attraction at a family fun center. These are reasons why you should get down to a rock wall and test yourself, today.

Fitness – Strength

This may seem obvious, but rock climbing is an amazing way to build natural, practical strength. When you climb, you are quite literally using your muscles, especially upper shoulders and arm strength (though by no means concentrated to upper body alone), to pull your weight against gravity. The effect is an astoundingly complete strength training session, which also forces you to train the elusive stabilizer muscles by maintaining grip and balance on the holds.

Fitness – Flexibility

Flexibility is a concern that is on the rise for athletes and is something that has long term health benefits. It can really be bothersome to athletes that don’t pay proper attention to flexibility exercises. No matter how bulky or massive you get, your practical use of that strength is bottlenecked by your flexibility. Rock climbing forces you to reach out and focus that strength into reaching for the next hold and then lifting yourself to it. The blood will flow to your extremities, and your circulation will improve. Especially as you age, flexibility will mean that your body remains youthful and capable.

Fitness – Cardio

No surprise here, the activity of rock climbing is a steady aerobic exercise that will get your heart and muscles pumping to the tune of over 500 calories burned per hour. A moving heart-rate coupled with the strength exercise will be increased circulation, increased energy, and heart health that will pay dividends, now and in the future.


For rock climbing, a near perfect fitness activity, the benefits have never been easier to reach. Family fun centers across the country have added rock climbing walls, complete with safety harnesses and protective equipment. The result is rock climbing at various difficulty levels and available to climbers of nearly any age! Getting youth involved in such an exhilarating and healthy sport while their young is a way to get them on a path of healthy living and physical fitness as they grow older.

Stop on by your local family fun center and try out the fitness test that is indoor rock climbing. Part weight training, part yoga, and part 5k, the sweat achieved on a rock climbing wall will be well earned and at your own pace.

If you live in the Fort Worth, TX area, and are looking to challenge yourself, visit our website for information on rock climbing.

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