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Team Building Activities That Are As Effective As Are Fun

Summary: Team building exercises are often so bogged down by ineffective “learning” and skill improvement that they fail to facilitate relationship building and fall flat. The following are a few simple team building ideas to bring some fun to the afternoon and have a noticeable effect on the morale of your employees.

As we slump through the dog days of summer, now is when most offices and companies like to schedule a day of what is known as “team building.” Many businesses like to cling to a false hope that team building days can be a seminar for productivity, but that simply does not have the desired effect. To truly facilitate the forging of relationships between employees and be beneficial rather than detrimental to their morale, a manager must think outside of the box.

Traditionally, team building is some kind of thinly veiled day of training exercises with vaguely inspirational titles such as “Promoting This” or “Growing That.” However, recent studies have found that these types of training days can do more harm than good. These training exercises are viewed as additional work and the coworkers will approach the situation and each other the same way that they approach any other day at the office. Real benefits are gained from setting them free and facilitating enjoyment every once in awhile.

Employees need space to enjoy themselves. To really cut loose and enjoy each other’s company. Take as much of the yolk of employment off of them as possible and schedule a team building exercise where they can relax in a controlled setting and begin to interact with each other as they might outside of the workplace. The following are some of our best ideas for team building exercises that promote freedom for the employees and minimal cost for the business.


The tried-and-true, go-to choice! Picnics allow you to enjoy the outdoors, while giving the employees the freedom of taking part in the activities that they wish. Schedule inclusive events and games, and maybe even host it on your business’ premises if you have the grounds for it; it could save money.


Office Clubs

Promoting clubs is an effective way of allowing coworkers to stay true to their interests while still branching out. Examples could be a company-wide book club that meets once a week, or a softball team sponsored by the business. Support the clubs, allow them to flourish, and promote branching out and trying another club’s activities.

Family Fun Center

A family fun center is the cream-of-the-crop, all around best choice for team building. Arcade games, batting cages, go karts, and other attractions mean that everyone will find something to occupy their day. Also, group discounts and the provided food and beverage make family fun centers affordable as well as accommodating.


Mini Golf

This diminutive form of regular golf will put the most amateur players on par (intentional) with the seasoned golfers. Mini golf is carefree, group orientated, and challenging. Talk to a local course owner about renting out their facilities for an afternoon.

So the next time your company wants to sponsor a team building event, make it an event worth having. Get of the boardroom, conference room or banquet hall & go out & have some fun, the kind of fun & competition that fosters real solid working relationships between your employees.

If you are looking for a great place to go for team building, try Mountasia Family Fun Center in Fort Worth, TX. Call us today or visit our website!

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